Mission, vision and goals

AThe Association is a voluntary, nongovernmental, nonpolitical, non profitable and professional organization founded for indefinite time period for achieving aims in the drinking water supply and distribution, waste water collection and treatment, ecology, environmental protection, and guarding natural resources in the south of Serbia.

Long term goals of the Association will be realized by joined application for EU funds and RS funds for needed infrastructure construction.
The Association was founded in order to represent and stand for joined interests of the members, strengthening capacities, stimulation of the knowledge, idea and information exchange, promotion of the latest technical solutions, facilitating the access to the financial sources (national and international), creating and development of the mutual programs and projects.
The aims of the Association are: engagement of all public utility companies (from the water supply, sewage, waste water treatment and similar sectors), high education institutions, non governmental institutions, industrial subjects and other interested professionals with the intention to use mutual activities for promoting protection and preservation of the water resources and environment in the South of Serbia.

In order to achieve the aims determined within the Statute The Association especially:

Collects and processes scientific and professional literature concerning water resources, environmental protection and sustainable development;
Organizes, individually or in a joined activities with other groups, professional gatherings, counseling, seminars and other forms of education in the related field;
Publishes books and other publications concerning questions dealing with the water resources and environmental protection, according to the law;
Organizes teachers and other educational experts for work concerning the education of children and young people in the field of water resources and environmental protection and enforcing activities on nature promotion and protection;
Organizes voluntary actions for raising awareness concerning water protection and preservation as well as other natural resources;
Cooperates with universities, schools, professional societies and other organizations, in the country and abroad dealing with the water protection and preservation;

Exchanges and improves technical, economical, legal and administrative knowledge;
Works on innovations application and technical solutions, unique standards, normative and technological actions and their adjustment with the international standards and requirements