RCDN Project

Building capacities of Association for water preservation and protection in the South of Serbia (WASS) for CD Delivery to PUCs and LGUs in Serbia

„Regional Capacity Development Network“ (RCDN) is being implemented in order to contribute to better provision of utility services to a larger number of population groups in territory of Western Balkans and increasing the efficiency and efficiency of water utilities in this territory.

Building a self-sustaining network that includes associations of water companies and associations of local governments will ease the CD initiative and support the delivery of the same in the region. It will also help find institutions that are active in the water and sanitation sector and are interested in financing the capacity building of this regional platform.

To achieve the aim, it is necessary to respect approach, mentioned in Strategy proposed by the Project implementation Team (PIT):
Strengthening the capacity of LGAs and APUCs to render the functions that shall be necessary for fulfillment of their obligations in RCDN,
Identifying interventions enabling the achievement of first concrete results based of existing measures or initiatives
Involving the IFI’s at the early stage of RCDN’s endeavors, focusing on cooperation and establishment of partnership with them.

The WASS will work with other partner associations in the region on the development of CD products, promotion and sale of CDs,
delivering of quality CD products and measures to PUCs and LGUs in a financially sustainable manner,monitoring and evaluating CD activities within the project,
improving national CD frameworks as well as in coordination with donors and in ternational financial institutions.
Strengthening existing opportunities and initiated new possibilities for regional cooperation for CD,
Enhancing active cooperation of LGAs and APUCs for achieving better results in addressing water supply and sanitation issues.

Establishing multi-level and multi stakeholder dialogue for improved CD offer in the water supply and sanitation sector with actively participations through RCAD network.


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