Energy efficiency in the water sector is a significant topic that was almost not discussed in our area and is fully in line with the need to introduce these measures provided by EU regulations.

The application of energy efficiency measures has been identified as very important in optimizing the work of companies dealing with water supply and sewerage.

The savings that can be achieved by applying these measures are crucial for improving the more efficient operation of the company.

The Association for Water Protection and Preservation of South Serbia (WASS) has applied and become a regional center (hub) within the D-Leap Program for Energy Efficiency in Water and Sewerage Companies.
The D-Leap Program was developed by IAWD in collaboration with the World Bank and Technical Partner (Econoler-Canada).

This program supports PUCs companies in implementing EE measures:
• collection, revision and analysis of data related to energy use in PUCs companies.
• development of investment programs with collected data to support the reduction of energy consumption and increase EE.
• assistance in securing financial resources in order to achieve the necessary investments for EE measures.
The program includes training workshops in the local language as well as practical exercises in the companies themselves with the help of trainers, as well as equipment.
The Association for the Protection and Preservation of Water of Southern Serbia (WASS) has been accredited as a training center in the field of energy efficiency in the water sector.

The professional team of the association went through trainings and acquired all the necessary knowledge in order to be able to provide quality training services related to this area.

The lecturers are certified by the competent institutions that they can perform this type of training on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.
The goal of the training is to train teams within the company that will be able to professionally and efficiently lead the company's policy in this area, applying the acquired knowledge from the training and in accordance with EU directives.
About the beginning of the Center for Energy Efficiency you will be notified.


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